Diamond Club Membership



Health, Fitness & Dance Entertainment Programme

  1. Exclusive Access to Special DIAMOND CLUB Programmes; OR
  2. Access to any CALDATT Regular Weekday Class Sessions;
  3. Bonus Access to an available Network Social Event Monthly;
  4. Discounted Access to selected Social Events and Activities.

. . . see other available programmes details here!

  • 2 Weekday Class Sessions OR Special Package of Weekend Workshops & Social Events;
  • Age appropriate programmes for adults and youths based on age range or Family Options:
    Ages: 7 – 15, 16 – 30, Ages 30+ & Exclusive Mature / Adult Programmes – (GOLD & PLATINUM);
  • Training Programmes provided at Centralized, Safe and Secure Training Facilities in POS;
  • Customized Group Workshops by Special Request at our locations or at Client Company Location;
  • Special Dance Presentation and Performance Training for Organization, Groups & Staff Members;
  • Special Provisions for Private Group Programmes at our locations or at client location.
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