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Caribbean & Latin Dance Association of T&T
CALDATT is an organization comprising a network of associate members with expertise that span over 20 years’ experience in tutoring, mentoring and performing in the various Caribbean Cultural, Creative and Performing Arts.  The organization is member driven with Core Objective being to enhance and advance craftsmanship, professionalism and opportunities for our members, associate organizations and enthusiasts of the creative arts, cultural, dance and performance sectors. 

The association has embarked on a series of community outreach and training programmes to contribute to the development of competitive dance skills, increased interest and wider participation of our youths and communities in the performance and development of the dance sector.

Several key modules of this programme has been extremely successful in previous offerings, with graduates topping and leading their field in competitions, international performances and their individual pursuits of professional training and teaching opportunities.

In keeping with our envisioned restaging of the National Dance Championships and other competitions in the coming period, this programme has been further expanded over the past 2 years with aims to enhance competitive and performance standards and opportunities for our talented youths, and with the view to:

1.  Develop a cadre of tutors and tutoring disciplines that can be widely administered throughout the national community in a focused, structured and standardized format;

2.  Provide a vibrant competitive arena that can attract and retain the interest of aspiring dancers to pursue national, regional and international competitions in the medium to long-term;

3.  Develop a pathway to higher achievement through high skilled and challenging Competitive and Championship Events;

4.  To create a fertile ground for advance learning and competitive skills development of dance athletes towards professional, competitive and performance dance disciplines;

5.  To ultimately create an equal opportunity environment for the most talented among, and for, our community athletes to access and challenge themselves to compete at international and Olympic levels.

We believe that this programme and the planned activities will be a seed that can significantly contribute to widespread popularity and interest among community youths and young adults in the various cultural and professional dance disciplines.

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