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REGISTER for Intro. to Caribbean MUSIC & DANCE Intensive (MDI) CAMP (Mon. to Fri.: 9 am -3 pm).

Ages 4 to 6 years - Intro. to Musical Rhythms, Creative & Dance Educational Games & Programmes.

Age 7 to 12 years - Dance-Fusion PREP: Special Intro. to DF Programme.

Age: 13+: Introduction to Dance-Fusion: Level 1 (DF-1) Programme.

We graciously welcome the support of New Members, Tutors, Trainers, Coordinators & Administrators to our Training Programmes.

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DANCE-FUSION - Stage Performance Training

Are you interested in joining our DANCE FUSION (DF-1) PROGRAMME
or challenge yourself and show your talent in COMPETITIONS & STAGE PERFORMANCES?

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Location, Schedules & Fees

This Training Camp will be held at the CALDATT Training Facility
#76 Henry Street (Total Percussions - Upstairs Furniture Plus / Opposite TSTT) in downtown Port of Spain.

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     Welcome to CALDATT's Caribbean Dance and Fitness Programs of the CALDATT Associated Organizations and Members Network, which include select training programs of Caribbean Dance Explosion, Amigos Bailadores Dance Associates and Caribbean Fitness Inc. (CFInc) among others, hereinafter collectively referred to as CALDATT.  This program involves the performance of a variety of dances, dance styles, aerobic exercises, dancersize routines and other similarly strenuous physical activity.  Please review our Terms of Service (TOS) below and upon indication of your acceptance, proceed to completion of the registration process.

Terms and Conditions of Service (TOS)

Organization / Member / Participant / Student - Acknowledgement, Disclaimer & Release

This document outlines our basic Terms and Conditions of Service (TOS) for participating in the program and by accepting these terms and conditions and completing any aspect of the registration process constitutes that you have read, understood, acknowledge, accept and release CALDATT from any and all liability and that you the participant, or the authorized or legal guardian of the participant, give your full legal acceptance of this responsibility and in compliance in your role hereby:

  • Represent to CALDATT that you the participant or your assignee to the program are in excellent health and physical condition and have no disability or condition that would or should prevent engagement in such activities, or that if  deemed necessary, that participation has been approved or so advised by a medical doctor;
  • Acknowledge that injury may result from performing exercise routines or engaging in similarly stressful activity;
  • Assume the risk of and release and hold CALDATT harmless for any liability for any physical or other injury or harm suffered by the participant during, or as a consequence of participating in, the program or performing such exercise routines or engaging in such other strenuous physical activity and agree that neither CALDATT nor the facility at which the program is being held, nor any other person involved in organizing or conducting the activity shall have any liability or responsibility for any such injury or harm.

You also acknowledge that the instructors who will conduct this program are independent contractors who were engaged by CALDATT for this purpose, and that consistent with the instructors’ independent contractor status, CALDATT retains no right of control over the manner or methods by which they conduct a program and is not legally responsible for their acts or omissions while conducting a program or activity.

Additionally, we want you to be aware that CALDATT may film, tape or record some or the entire program.  By virtue of your participation, it is possible that you will be filmed, taped or recorded. By completing any aspect of the registration and accepting these presents you agree that:

CALDATT will have the right (but not the obligation) to film, tape, photograph, or otherwise record your participation in and attendance at the program; CALDATT will own and have right to utilize all or any part of such film, photographs, tape or recording in such a manner as CALDATT may determine without additional permission from or payment of any kind to you.  

Lastly, please know that your participation in this program also affords you membership to the 
CALDATT Network with the opportunity to participate in benefit programs offered to members.  We thank you for your registration and participation.

REGISTRATION or OTC PAYMENTS at CDCorg / CALDATT Secretariat Office – Shop 004F Charford Mall,
140-150 Charlotte Street, Port of Spain;  Phone:  (868) 217 5795 or (868) 222 8118; Email:

MONDAYs to FRIDAYs: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.
Ages: 4 – 6 / 7 – 12 / 13 - 30 
(DF 1 – Intro.)

All participants and age groups are exposed to elements of:

Ages: 4 – 6 (Juniors Entertainment Programme)
1. AGE APPROPRIATED MUSICAL & DANCE EDUCATIONAL GAMES – Movie & Video Viewing - Costuming & Creative Workshops - Exploring Dance Rhythms & Timing - Introduction to Expression & Drama Dance - Introduction to Selected age appropriate Music & Dance Exercises.

Ages: 7 – 12 (DF 1 – Primer)
1. MUSIC & DANCE EDUCATION EXERCISES – Caribbean Rhythms & Musical Instruments - Movie & Video Reviews - Elements of Costuming & Stage Sets - Performance Choreography; 
2. DANCE MOVEMENT – Understanding Dance Rhythms, Timing & Communication;
3. CARIBBEAN DANCE STYLES - Intro. to Dance-Fusion 1 Program & Dance Styles:

Ages: 13 - 30 (DF 1 – Intro.)
1. MUSIC & DANCE EDUCATION – Caribbean Rhythms & Musical Instruments;
2. DANCE MOVEMENT & CHOREOGRAPHY – Dance Rhythms, Timing & Communication;
3. Intro. to Caribbean Dance Music, Dance Styles & Dance-Fusion 1 Program Prep.:
Core:  Urban, Modern-Contemporary, Expression & Drama Dance, Selected Ballroom & Latin Dance Styles and Line Dances, Freestyle, Urban, Hip-Hop, Dance-Hall & Street Styles; . . . Extended:  Lifts, Flips, Tricks & Tips for Costumes, Props & Sets, Music & Dance Challenge, Performance Showcase!

MONDAYs to FRIDAYs: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.
Ages: 4 – 6 / 7 – 12 / 13 - 30
 (DF 1 – Intro.)

1. SAFE & FULLY SECURE ENVIRONMENT – see facility images;
2. Highly skilled and experienced tutors, coordinators & staff;
3. Age and gender sensitive activity supervision & coordination:
MUSICALITY - Intro. to Rhythm, Timing and Music Interpretation;
DANCE TECHNIQUE - Intro. to various Dance Technique, Styles & Rhythms;
STAGE PERFORMANCE - Elements of Preparation, Performance & Choreography;
GROUP & TEAM DYNAMICS - Partnering, Teamwork, Group Syncopation & Synchronization;
PROFESSIONALISM & DISPOSITION - Professional etiquette, motivation, commitment and execution.

This MDI Vacation Camp is a precursor to the Dance-Fusion, Fast-Track Performance (FTP) and other Tutor Development (TDPTraining Programs for youths, students, tutors and dance enthusiasts with interests in learning and training for stage performances, competitions and with aspirations for professional development in the respective fields and performance sectors.

Registration below and completion of the entire camp curriculum will give participants a head-start to the professional training programs, competitions and championship events in the coming period.  A quick look at the MDI Camp & Training Facilities follows and additional images can be viewed by clicking any of the images below:


Ages: 4 – 6 / 7 – 12 / 13 - 30 (DF 1 – Intro.)
MONDAY to FRIDAY: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.

- 2 Week Intensive:  June - August (Coordinators / Trainers Workshops)
- 2 Week Intensive: June & July (DF-I Intro)
- 2 Week Intensive: July & Aug. (DF-I & II)

MDI Training Camp - CALDATT Academy
Macoya - Port of Spain - Diego Martin.

MDI - Intro. to DANCE-FUSION Program Activities
1. MUSIC & DANCE EDUCATION – Intro. to Caribbean Rhythms & Musical Instruments;
2. DANCE MOVEMENT – Understanding Dance Rhythms, Timing & Communication;
3. CARIBBEAN DANCE STYLES - Intro. to Caribbean Dance Music & Styles:
Mon - Urban, Modern-Contemporary, Expression & Drama Dance;
Tue - Selected Ballroom & Latin Dance Styles and Line Dances;
Wed - Freestyle, Urban, Hip-Hop, Dance-Hall & Street Styles;
Thu - Lifts, Flips, Tricks & Tips for Costumes, Props & Sets;
 Fri - Music & Dance Challenge - Performance Showcase!

Ages: 4 – 6 / 7 – 12 / 13 - 30 (DF 1 – Intro.) - MON. - FRI.: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. (JUNE - AUGUST)
Children Ages 4-6
(Ages 7+: -10% B4 Start of each Programme Cycle.)

SIBLINGS:    TT$ 100 - Day Pass (US$ 15 ea.) for 2nd+ Siblings.
$ 300 - Per week  (US$ 45 ea.for 2+ Siblings.

SPONSOREDTT$550 (2 wks) for each of 2+ Participants (US$80 ea.)
- Special meals catering options available - Call (868) 222-8118 to Pre-Register!


MDI Camp Schedules:Day Pass1 Week2 Weeks
CHILDREN (Ages: 4-6)tt$100tt$350tt$600
JUNIORS (Ages: 7-12)tt$125tt$450tt$750
TEENS (Ages 13+)tt$150tt$500tt$950
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Same Age Groups:
(Ages: 4-6)
(Age: 7-12)
(Ages 13+)
Siblings Special:
Group Sponsors:
(2+ Pers./2 wks.)
(2 x $500)
(2 x $700)
(2 x $800)
Reservation D/P US$us$15us$50us$70
REGISTRATION & OTC PAYMENTS at CDC Secretariat Office - Shop 004F Charford Mall, Cor. of Charlotte & Oxford Sts., Port of Spain, Trinidad - Phone: (868) 217 5975 or (868) 222 8118; Email:



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