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BENEFITS to Members – Participants – Trainees!

     Trainees of the Dance-Fusion Programs benefit from a pool of resources and support from several collaborating organizations.  Trainees, in addition, have the option to access business skills training and technical resources that support graduates and aspiring tutors in the establishment of community training programs and entrepreneurial activities.

Participants successfully completing the Tutor Training – TDP & FTP Workshop Series will be provided the opportunity to participate at the various program levels – Focus FTP Training, Performance Teams, Tutor Teams and the chance to Compete, Perform &/or Tutor in Special Community Events, Competitions and Training Programs.

Tutor Graduates are also provided Class or School Administrative skills training and management support tools including:

    1. A Personal or School Website for Marketing, Registration and Communication;
    2. Student administration and management tools; &
    3. Continuing support for the establishment, marketing, management and development of training programs;
    4. Access to Exclusive Members’ Benefits as a Registered Member of CALDATT Members Network.

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Member Registration Packages:

Value-Added Member Benefits!

Significant memberships benefits, services & class discounts and awards are available for our various membership levels:

    • Students & General Members (FREE);
    • Premium Members’ Benefits;
    • Tutors, Trainers & Performers;
    • Associate Schools and Organizations;
    • Sponsors, Donors and Services Providers.

Int’l Certification & Coaching Programs:

Certification Training ProgramsPerformers, Tutors, Trainers & Students can register for program credits towards Assessment & Certification Programs (Optional) as well as Dance Studies (Practicum) International Certification (CALDATT / CID – UNESCO):

International Certification in Dance Studies Caribbean, Latin & Free-Style Dances include all the various cultural, performance and competitive dance styles performed and generally engaged within the caribbean and world dance communities, including contemporary, free-style & street dances, latin, afro & indo caribbean and other cultural dance styles. 

CID International Certification Provides:
–  Uniformity:    same for all countries.
–  Verification:   certifications are confirmed and validated by CID.
–  Security:        certificates are issued centrally by the CID Secretariat.
–  Selective:       schools, teachers and students are members of the CID.
–  Equality:         encompasses all forms of dance.

LATIN Dances – Medal Tests & Class Examinations:   Dance Training, Coaching and Assessment Programs generally follow the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) syllabi with special focus on the Ballroom & Club LATIN DANCES.

DTP-FTP & Dance-Fusion Programmes


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Make Your Own Opportunities

Participate in real live Client Performances

We provide the opportunity for you to perform and earn while doing what you love.

Technical & Performance Training

We provide in-depth and high level technical and performance training at the highest professional levels.

Business, Management and Administrative Skills Training

Get access to special skills training and administrative support through our Business, Management and Administrative Skills Training programs.

Professional Development Support

We assist in the development of all aspects of your craft and business to help you perform at your best and elite levels in Tutoring, Performances and Competitions at international standards and Professionalism.

Become your own Boss

We assist you in developing the confidence to run your own business, school or training programs.

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