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Training Programme Overview

CALDATT embraces the challenge of spearheading the coordination of several cultural, creative & performing arts and, in particular, supporting the innovative Dance-Fusion Performance & Tutor Development Training Programmes of our associate organization network.

The Dance-Fusion Performance and Tutor Training & Development Programmes follow a special mandate to contribute to the development of grounded yet high-level skills-set and elite sporting, competitive and performance opportunities for our young and talented youths, as well as focus on increasing interest in competitive standards and professionalism among our tutors, participants and talented nationals to:

1.  Develop a greater cross-section of Professional Tutors, Cultural and Performance Training Programmes across the National Community;

2.  Create a more vibrant competitive and higher achievement interests among talented youths to perform and compete at regional and international levels, with a view to developing the cadre of elite athletes with the professionalism, dedication and skills needed to perform and compete at international or olympic levels;

3.  Enhance the profile and interests of the various focused disciplines that can sustain national interest and provide broader income generating opportunities for professional tutors, performers and enthusiasts in the relevant sectors;

4.  Collaborate and work with special interest organizations to develop more structured and standardized training programmes for the primary target groups (ages 8 – 35) in our Tutor Development, Cultural, Competitive and Performance Training Programmes.

Cultural & Free-Style Dance Workshops

1.  Introductory Dance-Fusion & Cultural Dance Styles Workshop Programme:

  • Introduction to Elements of Free-Style Dance Technique;
  • Defining Free-Style Competition Structure & Presentation Format;
  • Tutoring Elements – Rhythm & Timing, Free-Style Lead & Follow Technique – Communication, Speed, Balance & Control – Level I.

2.   Performance & Presentation Workshop Programme:

  • Mentoring / Tutoring Tips and Techniques for Free-Style Competitions & Performances;
  • Free-Style & Performance Partnering – Synchronization, Syncopation, Musicality, Tricks – Level II;
  • Mentoring / Tutoring Tips & Free-Style Lead & Follow Technique – Stage & Competition Choreography – Level II.

3.  Strategic Management & Assessment Programme:

  • Performance Management for Stage Presentations & Competitions: Shared Experience & Expertise of All Participants;
  • Advance Techniques – “How to avoid mishaps and mistakes!” . . . “Making every step & beat count“;
  • Performance Administration & Management Tips – Organization, Student & Class Administrative Systems.

Ballroom & Club LATIN Dance Workshops (3)

Workshop-1.   Introductory Latin Dance Workshop Programme:

  • Introduction to Elements of Free-Style Dance Technique;
  • Defining Free-Style Competition Structure & Presentation Format;
  • Tutoring Elements – Rhythm & Timing – On-1 vs On-2 / Std. vs Int’l, Body Rhythm, Musicality – Level I;
  • Partnering in Selected Latin Dance Styles & Rhythms I – Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha & Rumba vs Latin 3-Step;
  • Free-Style Lead & Follow Technique – Communication, Speed, Balance & Control – Level I.

Workshop-2.   Ballroom & Club LATIN Dance Workshop Programme:

  • Mentoring / Tutoring Tips and Techniques for Free-Style Competitions & Performances;
  • Free-Style & Performance Partnering – Synchronization, Syncopation, Musicality, Tricks & Shines – Level II;
  • Performance Partnering & Styling in Club Latin Dance Rhythms II –  Salsa vs Mambo, Pachanga & Extended Rhythms;
  • Mentoring / Tutoring Tips & Free-Style Lead & Follow Technique – Communication, Speed, Balance & Control – Level II.

Workshop-3.   B&L Dance Workshop – Strategic Management & Assessment Programme:

  • Performance Management for Stage Presentations & Competitions: Shared Experience & Expertise of All Participants;
  • Advance Partnering Techniques – “How to avoid mishaps and mistakes!” . . . “Making every step & beat count“;
  • Performance Partnering & Styling in Selected Latin Dance Rhythms III – Selected Ballroom Latin Dance Styles & Rhythms;
  • Administration & Management Tips – Organization, Student & Class Administrative & Management Tools, Resources & Systems.

Are these workshops for New or Experienced dancers?
Workshops are intended to be fast-paced and as outlined in the session briefing, it is not recommended for absolute beginners as tutors are required to cover a series of technical (technique) as well as newly choreographed pieces at each workshop.

Why are the workshops aimed at advance dancers and tutors?
A key objective of this training is to focus on high performance or advance dance technique and choreography that is true to the genre or dance style.  This will enable dancers to perform and compete in a “Free-Style” dance and competitive environment and help to build confidence in music interpretation, musicality, rhythm management and styling.

I’m not ready to compete or teach . . . will I be able to keep up?
Of Course.  Competition training begins with the skill, confidence and understanding of the field in which you expect to challenge.  The basic training program focuses on these areas before focusing on competitive aspects at later stages of the program. We believe that these elements will be crucial in getting dancers, tutors and competitors up to the levels of confidence and competence to guide students or themselves challenge Free-Style Dance Competitions in the format that will help dancers and competitors to compete at regional and international levels.

Will I be able to join if I miss the first or any workshop?
Each workshop session will focus on different aspects of the training program, so participants can attend any workshop and benefit from the training curriculum at that session. Each workshop is however considered to be building blocks of the overall program, so having all the blocks in place will make the building or learning process easier and faster.  Don’t worry, the team will; help you to catch-up on anything you may have missed.

Can I attend all the workshops on every class day?
Of Course (if you have the stamina) . . . and for challenging yourself you get a special package offer for both sessions . . . (See details on the FTP Registration Page).

What is the benefit of this program to Tutors or Advance Dancers?
As previously discussed, we are hoping to register a group of experienced or sufficient teachable and tutor ready dancers who can be engaged in earning while doing what they love. If that can be established within the sessions then the opportunity to achieving this goal may be presented sooner for those who are ready and able to embrace the challenge.  The programme is nevertheless expected to benefit and work with those who may need some coaching and mentoring in their adaptation to the needs of this calling.

What is expected of participants who have the ability to excel?
Well, we are hoping that everyone will be able to excel, but more importantly, this is an initiation and assessment program of training that we are working to have successful participants upgraded to our DF-Level II (Performers / Competitors) & DF-III (Tutors / Administrators) with access to resources and support tools that are geared to helping them to establish entrepreneurial and income-generating opportunities as desired.
For example:

  • Tutor trainees are given access to Administrative and Management Training tools;
  • Marketing Resources including their own Dance School Website;
  • Student Marketing and Administration Support;
  • The opportunity and possibility to manage special programs of the organization;

 Tutor Development & Advance Training  Programmes (TDP)

  • We strongly recommend that participants of the FTP attend with a Partner (Opposite Sex) with whom you can practice between classes.
  • Participants are required to attend sessions in accordance with their registered programme schedule. All sessions attended outside of registered programme schedules will be considered Additional Sessions. Any session missed from your registered schedule will be considered defaulted.
  • Participants registered as Couples must attend all sessions with their registered partner, as priority will be given to first pairing-up partners between and among with participants registered as individuals.
  • Current INTERMEDIATE & Advanced Students will be allowed to Trade-up existing Classes to any of the FTP Sessions 1-4.
  • All general FTP terms and conditions will apply.
  • Each Session has a 1 1/2 hour duration with an additional 1/2 hr practice time.

Strategic Management & Assessment Programme:

Recruiting Certified & Licensed Tutors and TraineesREGISTER NOW for the Tutor Development Programme (TDP) and Fast-Track Performance (FTP) Training Sessions and Classes in East – West – North – South – Trinidad & Tobago. These are Training Sessions for Tutors and Participants interested in joining a team of Instructors for rotation on island-wide programs, AND YES, you get the chance to earn while you get fit and share your learned skills with others – REGISTER.

The Special TDP & FTP Programmes are offered to tutors and participants interested in becoming one of our program instructors or just to get a great workout and be on your way to getting healthy and fit.

You have the option to REGISTER for the FTP special focus sessions or only for the Focus Dance Class Sessions.  Payments can be done on-line and requires that you to bring a copy of your Registration Confirmation Letter and your ID on attendance to your First Session.

FITNESS TRAINING PROGRAMMES also available incorporating Caribbean DancerSize, Zumba & Free-Style Dance Fitness.

ZUMBA®, ZUMBA Gold®, Zumbatomic®, Zumba Toning®, ZIN™, Zumba Fitness® are all trademarks of Zumba Fitness, LLC and used under license of licensed Zumba Instructors.

Associates & Member Organizations' Resources & Training Programmes
Caribbean Dance Explosion                                        

DANCE-FUSION Performance Training

Dance-Fusion is uniquely designed to expose and train young dancers in technical aspects of various cultural and popular dance disciplines, provide an appreciation of the management skills and expertise required in tutoring, preparing for competitions, dance presentations & performances, as well as provide technical & business skills training with the support of our organization partners.

The Community Training Programmes and Development activities hold as its primary target groups, Youths and Young Adults ages 7-15 and 16–35 in the first instance.

The Dance Fusion Programme is offered through a series of our associate network organizations and is administered in 3 progressive stages at advancing student and participant levels:

1. Level I – Practical and Focus Dance Training in various dance styles – (DF-I);

2. Level II – Performance management training and active performances – (DF-II);

3. Level III – Tutor Administration, Management & Business Skills Training – (DF-III).

FAST-TRACK Performance (FTP) & TDP Tutor Training Workshops

CALDATT endorses the innovative Dance-Fusion Performance & Tutor Development Programmes and its related training activities, which we believe will be a seed that can significantly contribute to igniting more widespread popularity and interest among community youths and young adults in the various caribbean, cultural and latin dances.

The training programme activities include a series of community outreach and training workshops, with the key objective of developing a cadre of skilled Dancers, Performers and Choreographers, and ultimately Tutors to work with and administer the community training programmes.  FTP is conducted as a series of Workshops comprising an Orientation / Technical Workshop followed by Performance & Choreography Training Workshops in selected Dance Styles Techniques, Rhythms & Styling.


Advanced Dancers and Dance Enthusiasts, Performers, Choreographers and aspiring Tutors – Workshop Sessions are generally fast-paced and recommended for participants with some experience, lots of confidence and fairly advanced dance skills, or at least 2 years dance performance or tutoring expertise and experience.

Participant / Trainee Benefits

Trainees of the Dance-Fusion Programmes benefit from a pool of resources and support from several collaborating organizations.  Trainees, in addition, have the option to access business skills training and technical resources that support graduates and aspiring tutors in the establishment of community training programmes and entrepreneurial activities.

Participants successfully completing the Tutor Training - TDP & FTP Workshop Series will be provided the opportunity to participate at the various programme levels - Focus FTP Training, Performance Teams, Tutor Teams and the chance to Compete, Perform &/or Tutor in Special Community Events, Competitions and Training Programmes.

Tutor Graduates are also provided Class or School Administrative skills training and management support tools including:

    1. A Personal or School Website for Administrative Management, Marketing and Communication;
    2. Student Registration, Administration and Social Management Tools; &
    3. Continuing support for the establishment, marketing, management and continued development of training programmes.



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     Welcome to CALDATT's Caribbean Dance and Fitness Programs of the CALDATT Associated Organizations and Members Network, which include select training programs of Caribbean Dance Explosion, Amigos Bailadores Dance Associates and Caribbean Fitness Inc. (CFInc) among others, hereinafter collectively referred to as CALDATT.  This program involves the performance of a variety of dances, dance styles, aerobic exercises, dancersize routines and other similarly strenuous physical activity.  Please review our Terms of Service (TOS) below and upon indication of your acceptance, proceed to completion of the registration process.

Terms and Conditions of Service (TOS)

Organization / Member / Participant / Student - Acknowledgement, Disclaimer & Release

This document outlines our basic Terms and Conditions of Service (TOS) for participating in the program and by accepting these terms and conditions and completing any aspect of the registration process constitutes that you have read, understood, acknowledge, accept and release CALDATT from any and all liability and that you the participant, or the authorized or legal guardian of the participant, give your full legal acceptance of this responsibility and in compliance in your role hereby:

  • Represent to CALDATT that you the participant or your assignee to the program are in excellent health and physical condition and have no disability or condition that would or should prevent engagement in such activities, or that if  deemed necessary, that participation has been approved or so advised by a medical doctor;
  • Acknowledge that injury may result from performing exercise routines or engaging in similarly stressful activity;
  • Assume the risk of and release and hold CALDATT harmless for any liability for any physical or other injury or harm suffered by the participant during, or as a consequence of participating in, the program or performing such exercise routines or engaging in such other strenuous physical activity and agree that neither CALDATT nor the facility at which the program is being held, nor any other person involved in organizing or conducting the activity shall have any liability or responsibility for any such injury or harm.

You also acknowledge that the instructors who will conduct this program are independent contractors who were engaged by CALDATT for this purpose, and that consistent with the instructors’ independent contractor status, CALDATT retains no right of control over the manner or methods by which they conduct a program and is not legally responsible for their acts or omissions while conducting a program or activity.

Additionally, we want you to be aware that CALDATT may film, tape or record some or the entire program.  By virtue of your participation, it is possible that you will be filmed, taped or recorded. By completing any aspect of the registration and accepting these presents you agree that:

CALDATT will have the right (but not the obligation) to film, tape, photograph, or otherwise record your participation in and attendance at the program; CALDATT will own and have right to utilize all or any part of such film, photographs, tape or recording in such a manner as CALDATT may determine without additional permission from or payment of any kind to you.  

Lastly, please know that your participation in this program also affords you membership to the 
CALDATT Network with the opportunity to participate in benefit programs offered to members.  We thank you for your registration and participation.

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CADA - Creative Arts Development & Administration

Management Training for Cultural Programme Executives & Community Coordinators

Creative Arts Development & Administration Training ProgrammeCommunity Cultural, Creative & Performing Arts Training Programmes
CALDATT collaborate with business, charities, community groups and our network partners in the creation and delivery of unique training, learning and business development expertise and experiences.

Trainees are provided opportunities to participate in a variety of creative, recreational and professional development and learning activities.

Creative Arts Development & Administration (CADA) Training ProgrammeCreative Arts Development & Administration

CADA Training Portfolio comprise over 120+ professional course module with development and focus objectives:
1. Professional Comportment Enhancement;
2. Business, Operations & Administrative Systems;
3. Marketing, Promotions, Client Administration & Management.

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